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I'm a theoretical physicist specialized in numerical simulations of condensed matter systems at the Institute for Theoretical Physics, University of Innsbruck. My research interests focus on models of strongly correlated electron-, spin- and electron-phonon systems; their (exotic) phases and quantum phase transitions, as well as new computational tools and methods. On these pages you'll find biographical information, information on research projects, publications and further tidbits.

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Born in the scenic Graz, Styria, Austria, I was raised by my mom a elementary school principal and my dad a high energy physicist, together with my older brother who is a trained zoologist and now a physician.

I obtained my undergraduate training at Karl-Franzens University and the Technical University Graz, and spent one intermittent year at Boston University, MA, before I started my PhD program at Würzburg University, Germany. After gaining first postdoctoral experience in Aachen, Germany, and again in Boston, MA, my lovely wife Magdalena (married since 2009) and I returned to Germany/Austria, where we live today. Since December 2018 I am the proud father of Christoph.

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